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Finding your seat onboard our trains is easy. If you're on one of our new Azuma trains then you'll see a traffic light system as you enter the carriage. Red is reserved, amber is reserved for some of the journey and green is available for you to sit back and enjoy your journey if you didn't have a seat reservation.

If you're travelling on our electric trains you'll see our electronic seat reservation, Seat Sensor, above your seat letting you know if the seat is available or if it's reserved for part of your journey.

No more lost or accidentally removed paper tickets. From now on, you'll be able to find a seat using the screens above every seat. 

Finding your reserved seat

If you've reserved a seat on our electric trains, you can find it by looking for the seat number and reservation on the electronic screens at eye-level above each seat. Watch the video below to find out how exactly Seat Sensor works.

Don't have a reservation? Our clever Seat Sensor technology can help you anyway

If you don't have a seat reservation, you can always go into a station travel centre to make one. But if you aren't able to do that, Seat Sensor will help you find an empty seat onboard using the "traffic lights" next to the reservation screens above the seats. Watch the video below to see how. 

And you don't even need to walk down the train to search for a seat. Simply go on to the LNER train Wi-Fi once you're onboard (it won't work if you're not on the train) and select "Find an empty seat" to see which seats may be free using our new tool. 


How to find a seat if you don't have a reservation

We always recommend that you reserve a seat when travelling with us, all Advance tickets come with a seat reservation as standard.

Find out how to reserve a seat here

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