Pre-order tasty treats from the Let's Eat Cafe Bar

Good news, foodies. We’ve made eating onboard even easier.

You can now pre-order some delicious snacks and drinks from our Let's Eat Cafe Bar before you travel on selected LNER trains to and from London and Scotland.

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Pre-order service

How to pre-order

Book a ticket on our website for one of our eligible trains (if it's eligible, you'll see an option when you book), reserve a seat and then just choose from a selection of tasty treats to be delivered to you on your journey. 

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How far in advance of travel should orders be placed?

What if I don’t know the seat reservation details of the person travelling?

What if we change our travel arrangements?

What if there are problems on the route affecting the train service the food is pre-ordered for?

What should I do if the meal isn't delivered?

When will the meal be delivered onboard?

What should we do if reservations are removed (i.e. if a train is cancelled or during disruption)?

Is there an age limit for the pre-ordered meals?

What happens if we miss our train?

What if the chosen meal is no longer available?

Why have I received an email about a T-total train?