When lads get together...

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But being gentlemen, you’ll of course want to travel First Class. Plus you get to wind each other up in reclining seat comfort, whilst posting embarrassing pictures via the free Wi-Fi.

Anyway, stag parties – the main difference between them and hen parties is that the object is to humiliate the groom/condemned man as much as possible. Luckily, we have that covered in our stag party game suggestions:


For this you’ll need a deck of playing cards and you all need to be drinking something vaguely unpleasant. Shuffle the cards expertly so that everybody knows you’re an international poker player in your spare time. Then hold the deck out to the man on your right and ask him to pick a card, any card. The object is to avoid drawing a Jack so if he picks out any card other than that, he is ‘safe’. 

Then do the same again for the next man until somebody draws a Jack. That person must then pour some of their drink into an empty glass. The second third and fourth people who draw a Jack also pour into the glass until you have mixed up a cocktail. Now all four Jacks are gone. So the next man who draws any picture card whatsoever will have to down it. No hiding a King up your sleeve and palming off on the groom.

Guess Who

For this, you’ll need pen and paper, plus some kind of hat or bag. Oh, and you need to have some dares lined up too. Each player should write down a secret about themselves, fold it up and discreetly drop it into the hat. The first player picks one out and tries to guess whose secret it is. If he gets it wrong, he has to accept a dare. But if he gets it right, the man who wrote the secret has to take the dare instead.


This is a game that everybody needs to be made aware of at the beginning of the night. It’s simple – at some random point in the night, the groom’s best man will freeze in any pose he likes. As soon as they see him, everybody else must freeze in their current position too. The last man to spot this has to down his drink or buy a round (or both).

Man with no name

Let’s face it, if you've already had a couple, it may become difficult to remember games with rules - so this one doesn’t need any. Assign all the stags a nickname and everybody must address them by that name throughout the night. Anyone who forgets and uses a stag's real name must face a forfeit.


And now some words of wisdom:

Drinking with friends can be a fun, but it also can turn a great night into something you regret. So here’s how to keep it fun:

  • Drink responsibly.
  • Don’t let peer pressure take you beyond your drinking limits. You know you best.
  • Stay with your mates. Stay safe.
  • Add some water into the drinking mix (you’ll thank us in the morning)
  • Eat something before you head out. Eating isn’t cheating, sleep is cheating.

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