Why wait to start the fun?

At LNER, we love stag and hen parties… you know, the angel wings and L-plates, silly games, the whole kit and caboodle. And if you book direct with us, we offer special discounts and exclusive deals on group bookings. And if the bride or groom has an enormous family, you can even hire a whole train (imagine that!).

Anyway, we know you’re not going to sit there reading a book on these parties. So we’re going to enter into the spirit by offering some suggestions of things to do and games to play when you’re on the train. 

Stay classy, ladies

It wouldn’t be much of a party if your group are randomly spread out in other coaches. Luckily with special deals on a LNER group booking, you can ensure you’re all seated together.

We’ll even throw in an extra 20% off food and refreshments. If you’re really organised, you can order bespoke catering too.

Just give us some notice if you want something a bit out of the ordinary.


But consider this: one of you is getting married - and that doesn’t happen every day. What better excuse do you need to travel First Class?

You’ll even get a complimentary glass of wine (or two), subject to availability. Go on – she’s worth it.

Let the fun commence

Okay, you’re all sat together on the train and it's time to get the party started. What can you do to get in the mood for the night of silliness to come? Here are a few suggestions for party games:

The Post-it note game

Give all the hens a Post-It note. Everybody writes a short sentence describing an amusing memory they have of something they once did with the bride. Then take all the notes and stick them all over the bride’s table – only don’t let her know who wrote what. Then she has to read each one out and try to guess the author. It’s a great way to reminisce about childhood, disastrous boyfriends and ridiculous escapades. There will be hugs and possibly some blubbing as you all get sentimental. And the great thing is that they bride can shove them all into her handbag as a keepsake. 

How well do you know the bride?

Chances are that you won’t be on a hen party for a complete stranger, but you never know. Anyway, this is a quiz to find out who knows the bride best. There are prizes for getting the answers right and laughs for getting it hopelessly wrong. You can divide into teams too. It’s a bit like the old ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ game - only without the mister. 

Chick Flick Charades

Charades is an old standby, but you could play it with a girly twist. How about acting out famous scenes from favourite chick flicks? And the cheesier you can make it, the better. Think Titanic, Dirty Dancing, When Harry Met Sally, Legally Blonde – all the classics. 



And now some words of wisdom:

Drinking with friends can be a fun, but it also can turn a great night into something you regret. So here’s how to keep it fun:

  • Drink responsibly.
  • Don’t let peer pressure take you beyond your drinking limits. You know you best.
  • Stay with your mates. Stay safe.
  • Add some water into the drinking mix (you’ll thank us in the morning)
  • Eat something before you head out. Eating isn’t cheating, sleep is cheating.