Leisure travel

Going by train is great news for groups of friends - not only can you get discounts, but travelling together means the fun can start as soon as you’ve taken your seat. See what's in store in terms of making your own enterTRAINment.

Hen Parties

Someone’s about to get hitched - and the party can begin on the train.

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You’re travelling with the kids in tow. The problem is not so much what you’re going to do on the journey as what you’re going to do with them. Well, worry not – we’re here to help.


You’re on the train because work demands it – whether you’re between high-powered meetings in stately boardrooms or just commuting to the desk that you never seem to escape from for long.


By definition, one who studies – even though you probably spend more time studying your latest love interest. Anyway, if you’re travelling to or from college, learn something here.