Procrastination is great but so is efficiency...

You could spend your next train journey staring mindlessly out of the window, reading the latest gossip mag or listening to a carefully compiled playlist.

Or you could use the time a little more productively. Here are some ways to use your travel time wisely. 

1. Got a work deadline approaching?

Bring your laptop with you and make use of the onboard plugs. No excuses – a power supply is all you need to power through your work. 


2. Set some personal or professional goals

I like to make a list of things I want to achieve by the end of the day on my phone. Or if you’re a bit more traditional, bring along a notebook and pen.

3. Dreaming of a foreign secondment?

Why not start by learning the language? Stick in some earphones and get cracking. Audible, Amazon and Rosetta Stone are all great resources, and when you get off the train, you’ll be ready to order your dinner in Italian. 

4. Get networking

As a blogger, I like to update my social media channels fairly regularly. Use the free WiFi onboard to connect with friends, family and followers. 

5. Catch up on emails

Yes, it sounds boring, but using the time on the train to get through your emails gets them out of the way, leaving the rest of your day free to enjoy something more fun. 

6. Take up a new hobby

Fancy learning how to knit a scarf for winter? Keen to start a blog? Use your journey time to research, learn and get started.  

7. Take a breather

Once you’ve got all that out of the way, use the rest of the journey to relax, read a book or even take a nap.

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