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Deal Finder

How does Deal Finder work?

Deal Finder searches live ticket availability across the next three months on the LNER app and will find the best price available at that point in time according to the criteria used for the Deal Finder search. 

Does it show total prices or discounts?

To keep the tool super-quick, Deal Finder scans for availability of prices for 1 adult with no railcards or discounts. This finds the cheapest dates and times to travel. Once you find a trip you’d like to take you can select the number of passengers for your journey, apply any railcards you have and the app will calculate your total price.

How far in advance does Deal Finder search?

The booking horizon search by Deal Finder is usually for fares up to 12 weeks in advance.

Can I look for any destination?

Deal Finder can be used to find the best prices for most LNER direct journeys, subject to availability at time of search. Some of our stations where LNER serves less frequently are not included.

Is Deal Finder available on the website?

Deal Finder is only currently on the LNER app. You must make sure that your LNER app is version 4.19.7 or higher to access these deals.

Can I search journeys anywhere on the rail network?

Deal Finder is only available on the LNER App for LNER tickets.

Does Deal Finder give me deals I can’t find anywhere else?

No, the prices shown in Deal Finder are available to book anywhere. We make it easy to find the best deals so you can spend less time searching and more time planning for your next trip. While you could book it anywhere, we hope you book it with LNER to benefit from everything else the app has to offer like our seat maps, our Perks loyalty scheme, live journey updates and simple upgrades to first class to name but a few.