Can I travel on an earlier or later train?

This depends on the ticket type.

Off-Peak, Super Off-Peak

Can be used on a different time train providing the earlier or later train is also within the terms of conditions of the ticket. View full Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak terms and conditions first.

Advance tickets

Advance tickets are our cheapest tickets and are only valid for the booked train.

You can change to another train by buying a ticket for the new date or time you want to travel on (you can't change the to or from station) and follow the instructions on this Refund form and we'll refund the original ticket for you.

Anytime tickets

Just as it says on the tin - these can be used at anytime. Reserve a seat for the train you'd like to travel on.

Please note, you will still see and be able to purchase return tickets available for other train operators, as well as a small amount of LNER journeys.

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