Anytime Tickets FAQs

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Are Anytime tickets refundable?

Anytime tickets are refundable but are subject to a £10 admin fee.


Can I change my travel plans with an Anytime ticket?

You can travel at any time on the date shown on your ticket (or on the following day if it is not a Day Single/Return), by the route shown on your ticket. If you wish to change your ticket, please visit our Refunds and Ticket Changes page.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, you can buy an Anytime ticket at the station up to a few minutes before departure. 

Can I break my journey?

Yes, you can stop off at stations along your route of travel. 

Is it possible to book a First Class Anytime ticket?

Yes it is, for most journeys. If your journey includes a connecting train that does not have First Class accommodation, this will be taken into account in the price you pay. LNER First Class tickets also let you use any of our First Class lounges for free.