When can I use an Advance ticket?

Advance tickets are our cheapest ticket offered. Similar to when you buy an airline ticket, they are linked to a specific train time and seat number, so can't be used for any other train time or journey.

They are the best ticket to buy for your journey because they:

  • Are often cheaper* than other tickets
  • Always come with a seat reservation
  • You can combine different types of single tickets to save money

Save an average of 49%* when you book in advance. Saving on all Advance tickets booked on our website vs buying an Anytime ticket.

You can buy LNER Advance tickets on our website and on our app first, so you always know you're getting the best deal when you book directly with us!

Please note, you will still see and be able to purchase return tickets available for other train operators, as well as a small amount of LNER journeys.

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