Can you get a refund on a Flexi Season ticket?

A refund is calculated from the difference between the price you paid for the Flexi Season and the cost of an Anytime return ticket for each day you have used, minus an administration fee of no more than £10.

If you only have one or two journeys left on your Flexi Season you can apply for a refund from where you originally bought the ticket before the end of the 28-validity period.

The refund will be calculated based on the price of an Anytime return ticket for the journey your Flexi Season is valid for, the number of travel days used within the ticket's validity minus the £10 admin fee.


I was sick so didn’t use my Flexi Season this month, can I get a refund?

If you were sick and couldn’t use your Flexi Season ticket you must apply for a refund before the end of the 28-Day validity period.

There must be a minimum of one unused journey left to refund and a £10 admin fee will apply.

If you can provide evidence that you were not able to apply for a refund because of illness (such as a doctor’s note), we will still consider your refund application after the expiry date.