How can I apply for compensation if my train is delayed or cancelled?

Cancelled train

In the rare event that your train is cancelled, we offer full refunds (assuming you don't take an alternative train). Be sure to apply for the refund within 28 days of the cancelled journey date.

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If you meet these conditions, follow these steps for your refund:

- Swipe down the page and click on ‘Amend journey’ or ‘Request a refund’

- Notify us of the reason for the refund request by pressing 'My train was cancelled' and then ‘Continue’

- Enter your details and submit your request

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Already collected your tickets or had them posted to you?

If you’ve already received your printed tickets, you'll need to fill in our Change of Plans form and follow the instructions included.

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Was your train delayed by at least 30 minutes?

On our Delay Repay page, you can learn about compensation if your train is delayed. For future LNER journeys, book through our website or app, then choose One-Click Delay Repay to ensure claiming for a delayed journey is as easy as possible.

Delay repay