Assisted Travel

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Can I book assisted travel for my pram?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer assisted travel for help with prams, buggies or pushchairs. However, our station and onboard staff will be happy to help you when and where they can. 

Can I get some help with my luggage?

Unfortunately we don't have luggage handling staff, however our station and onboard crew will be more than happy to help where ever they can. 

What seating preferences are available for Assisted Travel travel?

You'll be able to see which seating preferences are available once you've chosen a service during booking. Your seat number will be printed along with your tickets. We’re sorry to say that we can’t always guarantee seat preferences. 

You can view our seat maps to see how close you are to the onboard facilities when you book a ticket, or from your account if you already have a booking. If you would like to change your seats you can use our seat reservation tool.