How are refunds calculated?


Advance tickets are not refundable. However, you can change your ticket to travel to and from the same origin and destination. There will be a £10 admin fee, plus the difference between your original and new ticket to pay.

Anytime, Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak 

If your ticket is unused, then the full value of your ticket, minus a £10 admin fee, would be refunded.

If your ticket is part-used, you will get a partial refund covering the cost of the journey(s) made, minus the £10 admin fee.

Season Tickets 

Refunds will be calculated from the date that the ticket is surrendered. 

The refund amount is based on how much value is left on your ticket. This is done by deducting the cost of daily or weekly tickets you could have travelled on before the season ticket was surrendered and the refund was requested minus a £10 administration fee.

Flexi Season Ticket 

A refund is calculated from the difference between the price you paid for the Flexi Season and the cost of Anytime tickets for each day you have used, minus a £10 admin fee.

If you only have a few journeys left on your Flexi Season you may find that no refund is available.