WiFi onboard the train

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I'm having problems accessing the Wi-Fi on my LNER train. What should I do?


Most mobile devices try to access Wi-Fi straight away. Here's how to get it working: 

1) Select the 'LNER-WiFi' network when a prompt pops up (or find it in your Wi-Fi settings) 

2) Launch your internet browser and you should find yourself on the LNER WI-Fi page where you can log on or register if it's your first time.

3) Enjoy browsing!

If that doesn't work, take a look at our downloadable Wi-Fi User Guide

And if that still doesn't sort it, our Wi-Fi Support team are happy to help. Just give them a call on 01163 66 33 36 or email your query to wifi@lner.co.uk.

Do I need a Wi-Fi code on an LNER train?

Wi-Fi is free for everyone on our trains. Most mobile devices are set up to access Wi-Fi straight away. To get connected simply:

  1. Select the 'LNER WIFI' network when prompted (or in your Wi-Fi settings)
  2. Launch your internet browser and you should then be directed to http://wifi.lner.co.uk where you can log on or register.
Where can I access Wi-Fi on LNER and how much does it cost?

Wi-Fi is free to everyone in both Standard and First. If you're a regular traveller with us you'll no longer need to enter a Wi-Fi code from your booking confirmation if you want to get online. All you need to do is sign in with your email address and password, or register if you're new to travelling with LNER.

If you have a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop or smartphone, it should automatically find our server and direct you to our landing page when you switch on. If this doesn't happen, go to your network preferences and choose the LNER connection. When you open your browser, the Wi-Fi login page will appear.