Accessibility on Azuma

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How many wheelchair spaces does an Azuma train have?

Our 9-coach and 10-coach Azuma trains have four wheelchair spaces and our 5-coach Azuma trains have two wheelchair spaces.

Our Mark IV trains have three wheelchair spaces.

Are there wheelchair spaces in First Class?

On a 9-coach Azuma there are two wheelchair spaces in Standard and also two in First Class.

On a 10-coach Azuma all four wheelchair spaces are in First Class.

On a 5-coach Azuma the two wheelchair spaces are in First Class.

On a Mark IV train there are two wheelchair spaces in Standard and one in First Class.

What happens if my train has no Standard wheelchair spaces?

Not a problem! We will upgrade you to First Class if there are no Standard wheelchair spaces available. Our Assisted Travel team will arrange this upgrade for you and any assistance you require on to the train.

Are there companion seats with all the wheelchair spaces onboard?

Absolutely. All wheelchair spaces on our trains have companion seats. There are two companion seats with all of our Standard Class wheelchair spaces.

In the First Class coaches some of the wheelchair spaces have one companion seat and some have two.

Are there priority seats on Azuma?

Yes. There are priority seats throughout our Azuma and Mark IV trains. These are usually located towards the end of a coach. You can see these on our seat maps. (link to seat maps)

If you have reduced mobility or are pregnant and require these priority seats, you can reserve them ahead of your journey, through our Assisted Travel team here.

Are boarding ramps required for Azuma trains?

Yes, you will need a member of staff at the station to deploy the ramp for boarding and alighting the train if you need step-free access.

Our new Azuma trains have a ramp that is less steep and more comfortable for anyone going up or down them. Speak to a member of station staff or contact our Assisted Travel team to book assistance if you need step-free access on and off our trains.

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Do the Azuma trains have announcements onboard?

Our Azuma trains have both audio and visual announcements on all trains to give you information about the stations the train is stopping at and for the safety information. This is a combination of automatic and manually triggered announcements. Pre-set announcements can be both triggered audibly and visually.

What will the seat reservations look like onboard an Azuma train?

You can check your ticket (both outward and return) to see if you have a seat reservation. You can check your LNER account online or on the LNER Mobile App if you bought directly from us.

  1. If you can see a coach and seat number, great - you already have a seat reservation!
  2. If you don't have a seat number, getting one is easy. Simply use this form to make a free seat reservation.

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Are there accessible toilets onboard?

Azuma has a number of universally accessible toilets onboard.

  • On a 9-coach train we have one in coach A and M, closest to the wheelchair spaces.
  • On a 10-coach train we have them in coaches A, E, F and M – again nearest to the wheelchair spaces.
  • On a 5-coach train, these are located in coaches A and E.
  • On a Mark IV train our universally accessible toilets are located in coaches F and L which are where the wheelchair spaces are located. 

We have also incorporated the automatic voice that tells you when to lock the door and whether the door is locked.

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Do the windows have blinds on an Azuma?

Every window on our new trains, in both Standard and First Class, has a blind that can be pulled down.

There are a number of unreserved windowless seats at the end of the coaches, if you prefer to reduce bright light and glare on your journey.

Do the wheelchair spaces have plug sockets on an Azuma train?

Yes. All wheelchair spaces have a plug socket to charge your mobile devices and in First Class coaches there will also be USB ports.