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What food and drink do you offer on your trains?

Lets Eat (now at your seat!) in Standard

We offer a locally sourced menu from along our route from our Let's Eat Cafe Bar. You can order your food and drink straight to your seat. Simply scan the QR code on the seat or window near you, when you're onboard. 

Alternatively, you can still go up and purchase food and drink from the Let's Eat Cafe Bar.

Let's Eat Menu


First Class dining

In First Class, we offer three fresh and tasty menus depending on the train you're travelling on. You can view the menus here.

First Class menu


Can I take pets on the train?

Yes, pets are welcome onboard our trains and in our stations! 

  • Up to two dogs, cats or other small pets can be brought with you for free, as long as they aren’t taking up a seat!
  • For each additional pet, you may have to pay up to a maximum of £5.00 for each journey.

We can make special arrangements for customers travelling with an assistance dog, you can book through our assisted travel team on 03457 225 225. Here’s some extra information on travelling with pets.

Is Alcohol allowed onboard?

You can buy alcohol from our Let's Eat Cafe Bar whilst onboard our trains and if you're in First Class, you can enjoy complimentary drinks.

You can also bring your own alcohol onboard.

In First Class complimentary alcohol is served from 11:30am (when available).

There are some trains where alchohol can't be consumed or purchased: On Friday's the 09.52 Aberdeen to London King's Cross train, between Aberdeen and Newcastle (and all calling points in between).

What seating preferences are available for Assisted Travel journeys?

You'll be able to see which seating preferences are available once you've chosen a service during booking. Your seat number will be printed along with your tickets. We’re sorry to say that we can’t always guarantee seat preferences. 

You can view our seat maps to see how close you are to onboard facilities when you book a ticket, or from your account if you already have a booking. If you would like to change your seats you can use our seat reservation tool.

Is smoking permitted on trains or in the station?

No. Every train and station in the UK is smoke-free, including e-cigarettes.

Can I reserve a seat?

Yes, you can reserve a seat on all LNER trains, unless all the reservable seats are booked already. Other train companies have different reservation policies. Please check with the relevant train companies for your journey before travelling.

Tickets that come with a reservation:

  • If you book a Standard Advance or First Class Advance ticket, you'll automatically have a seat reserved, and you can use our Seat Picker to change which seat, if you like. You can check your seat reservation by logging in to your, My Account area.

How to reserve a seat:

Season tickets:

  • Season ticket holders can reserve a seat for free up to 5 minutes before a trains departure using our seat reservation tool.

Make a seat reservation 

How many coaches are on an Azuma?

Depending on the train, destination, and time of journey, there will be between five, nine and 10 coaches.

Seating map

Where can I put my luggage on an Azuma train?

One of the great benefits of these new trains is that the space under your seat and in the luggage racks above your head is much bigger. This means cabin-bag style cases, rucksacks and handbags can be kept close to you while onboard. Find out more about luggage onboard our trains here.