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Can I take my pram onboard the train with me?

We’re very happy for pushchairs, prams and buggies to be on our trains, just as long as you make sure they’re folded at all times and stored the same way as any other item of luggage.

If this is not possible, they may be stored in wheelchair spaces that are empty. Please bear in mind, that if a customer requires wheelchair space, you will need to move the pram. Please do not leave your pram unattended in a wheelchair space and do not store other luggage or bags here.

Can I bring a petrol-powered vehicle on board, such as a moped?

No. Trains are not permitted to carry any petrol–powered vehicles, for safety reasons.

How much luggage can I take onboard?

We don't have limitless space onboard so please pack light so your bags fit comfortably onboard our trains.

Please note we only allow three items per person.

A maximum of one large suitcase, a carry on bag and small handbag can be brought onboard. You can find out more about luggage sizes here.

What should I do if I’m travelling in a group with large amounts of luggage?

If you've bought your tickets through our Group Travel Team just let them know how much luggage you are planning to take. On some journeys and depending on the type of train, we may be able to carry your luggage in bulk storage.

Can I get some help with my luggage?

If you have a disability that means you need assistance from our staff, then you are able to book assistance at 03457 225 225, through our web form, in an LNER Travel Centre, or if you cannot book in advance you can let station staff know on the day. This includes if you are unable to carry your own bags onto the train as a result of your disability or medical condition. 

We do not offer a luggage service, Passenger Assist is only for customers who need it due to a disability/medical condition. Luggage trolleys are available in many of our stations.

Why do I need to label my luggage?

Labelling your luggage makes it easier for us to find if it was to get misplaced or lost. It is also part of the National Rail Conditions of Carriage.

How should I label my luggage?

When travelling with us, you’ll need to label all luggage with your name, address, destination station and a contact number. Your luggage may have built in label sleeves, but if not, it’s a good idea to write your details on a piece of card and tie it securely to the handle.

What happens if I struggle to store my luggage when I get on the train?

Ask a member of our station or on-board team and they’ll help you with the nuts and bolts. Some of our trains do have bulk storage areas, which our team will be happy to direct you to.

Can I take pets on the train?

Yes, pets are welcome onboard our trains and in our stations! 

  • Up to two dogs, cats or other small pets can be brought with you for free, as long as they aren’t taking up a seat!
  • For each additional pet, you may have to pay up to a maximum of £5.00 for each journey.

We can make special arrangements for customers travelling with an assistance dog, you can book through our assisted travel team on 03457 225 225. Here’s some extra information on travelling with pets.

Can I take my bike with me onboard the train?

Travelling with LNER?

Yes, we love to be green so you can carry your bike free of charge on LNER trains. You can make a reservation online when you book your ticket. If you booked elsewhere or already have your ticket, you can now make a reservation on our seat and bike reservation tool.

Please note that spaces are limited and subject to availability.

Travelling with another train operator?

If you're travelling with another train operator on your journey you will need to check their policy. You can do this by visiting the National Rail website.

Travelling with your bike

I have lost something on my journey. What do I do?

There’s no need to worry. Just follow the instructions on our lost property page and we'll do our best to track down whatever you've mislaid.