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How do I use Let’s Eat At My Seat?

It’s easy. Simply point your phone camera at the QR code on the back of the seat in front of you. Choose and open the website option at the top of the screen. It’ll already know which train you’re travelling on, just add in your coach and seat number.

If there is no QR code, please speak to a member of onboard staff. If you don't have a mobile phone, you can go and purchase from the Let's Eat Cafe Bar.

Scroll through the menu, take your pick and hit the shopping trolley icon to finish and pay.

You will then be shown the option to either 'sign up here’ or ‘continue as guest’ before entering your details.

You can also check your choices in the basket before you pay, then hit continue and pop in your credit card details when asked.

You’ll then get a confirmation screen letting you know that the Host is checking stock levels. Following that we’ll send you an email confirming we’ve got your choices in stock and your order is being prepared. When it’s been delivered, you’ll receive a further confirmation email letting you know your card’s been charged. There’s also a link to our survey if you’d like to tell us what you think of our new service.

If you have a First Class ticket and travelling in First Class, there is a complimentary menu. You do not need to order from Let's Eat At Your Seat.

I can’t see the snack or drink I’d like on the menu, why is this?

If anything’s out of stock the crew will update the system so it can’t be ‘ordered’. Only tasty bites actually in stock should feature on the menu.

What happens if what I’ve chosen is out of stock after I’ve placed my order?

The crew onboard will be in touch to see if you’d like something else. If not, we’ll give you a refund.

Is it available on every train?

Hopefully! Once our crew is trained. But if a train’s short-staffed or has no stock the service may not be available. Also, during times of disruption or if the train’s too busy for the crew to deliver orders, we may pause the service for a while.

Can I order it before I get onboard?

Sorry. Not at the moment, no.

Is it open for the duration of the journey?

Yes, but sometimes the service will be paused for things like a crew changeover. We’ll also close the service 15 minutes before we arrive at our final destination.

If the service isn’t unavailable you’ll be notified when you try to scan the QR code onboard.

How long will my food take to arrive?

We will always aim to deliver your food within 20 minutes. If you've not heard anything from us by then, please speak to a member of staff onboard the train.

Is the Café Bar still open if I want to use that?

Yes it is. Just listen for any announcements, if it’s going to close we’ll let you know.

How do I find allergen information?

All the information you need will appear on screen with every item, so its ingredients are very clear.