Winter sports along the east coast route

Get those woollies on for winter sports. Whether you want to soar down a mountain on skis, stumble round an ice rink or simply watch someone else do all the hard work, take your pick from our exciting selection. 

Go ice skating at Canary Wharf

Skating at Canary Wharf

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Reckon skating round and round a rink is boring? Skate between trees speckled with fairy lights under the soaring towers of Canary Wharf on the skate path. There’s a rink right next to it too, for regular round-and-round skating.

If that works up an appetite, try the artisan tasting and sharing menus – there's even fondue if you’re felling posh. Buttered rum and mulled wine have the festive tipples covered. Open ‘til 25 February 2017.

Where is it? Montgomery Street, Canary Wharf, London

Nearest LNER station: London King’s Cross

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Go skiing in the Cairngorms

Hit the slopes, baby. With seven green runs, six blue, eight red and one black piste, Aviemore can accommodate seasoned skiers and nervous novices.

There’s no need to trek to the Alps for an apres-ski, with life-affirming scenery to breathe-in, and lessons to brush up your piste skills. You can hire skis, poles and boots – who wants to lug that lot around?

Non-skiers can visit Scotland's highest restaurant, shop or just watch to see who falls over from the viewing terrace.

Where is it? Aviemore, the Cairngorms

Nearest LNER station: Aviemore

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Sweep your way to success with curling in Edinburgh

You don’t need to ice skate to have a go at curling. Players wearing special shoes slide heavy discs, called stones, down the ice, with the aim of stopping in the centre of a coloured target – it’s a bit like bowls on ice.

Who’s the guy brushing the ice? These players are the sweepers, and they frantically brush the ice to help the stones slide smoothly towards the target.

Edinburgh Curling Club is a great place to have a go at the sport – you can even buy the gear there if you really enjoy it.

Where is it? Murrayfield Ice Rink, Edinburgh 

Nearest LNER station: Edinburgh Waverley

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Go sledging near London

Sledging back in the day was pretty basic – all plastic sleds, bobble hats and upturned tea trays. It gets an awesome makeover at Snow Centre. Kids from 4 upwards can spin, slide and speed down the slope in a Rubber Ringo or on a sledge.

Big kids - adults - shouldn't worry, they can zoom down too. The Snow Centre is where celebrities trained for Channel 4 show The Jump – it's got the UK's longest indoor real snow slope, you know…

Where is it? Hemel Hempstead

Nearest LNER station: London King’s Cross

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Dry-skiing in Sunderland

Don't fancy ending up < strong>face-first in wet snow? Who does? Keep out the cold with a whiz down a dry ski slope. Beginners can gingerly roll down the slopes, while seasoned skiers put in practise for the mountains.

Dry ski slopes were good enough to help train British Olympic athletes so it's got to be worth a go. Teenage skater in the family? BMXers and boarders can grind and half-pipe away the afternoon at sk8 City. 

Where is it? Silkworth, Sunderland

Nearest LNER station: Sunderland

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Puck-tastic ice hockey in Edinburgh  

Prefer to watch rather than take part? Sit back whilesomeone else gets thrown around the ice. Hockey is all-action: pucks flying super-fast, players getting smashed into the boards, passing so fast it makes you dizzy.

There’s plenty to keep you entertained (not mentioning the scraps and inevitable sin-bin stops). Edinburgh Capitals are in the Elite League so you'll be watching the ice hockey equivalent of Chelsea, Man U or City.

Where is it? Murrayfield Ice Rink, Edinburgh 

Nearest LNER station: Edinburgh Waverley

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