9 and ¾ reasons to travel by train

Everyone knows trains are more romantic than planes, all rushing scenery and black and white movies. But why else should you travel by rail? Here are 9 (and ¾) reasons… 

1. Awesome views from the windows

On a train ride there’s always something to catch your eye – from skyscrapers and landmarks to mountains and glens. Travelling through the Great British countryside along the East Coast Main Line can throw up breathtaking sights, such as: 

  • Angel of the North. Antony Gormley’s famous statue greets you as you head into Newcastle-Gateshead.
  • Durham Cathedral. The majestic Norman building will stir you from your slumber as you approach Durham.
  • Lindisfarne. Sweeping views of the Northumberland coast and Holy Island await between Newcastle and Berwick.

2. Ease of boarding and no check-in times

Consider this scenario – you arrive 2 hours early, queue in a long line, queue in another long line, put your liquids and gels in a clear bag and take off your belt and shoes. There’s a lot of things you must do before you can actually get onto a plane. 

Travelling by train means you can arrive minutes ahead of your departure time and walk straight to your platform.

3. It’s your own pop-up office

Ever tried working on a plane? With no proper desk space and not all services carrying Wi-Fi or plug sockets it can be tough.

Our trains make a great pop-up office. Whether you’re living it up with extra legroom in First Class or have been savvy enough to pre-book a table seat in standard.

You can get onto your emails with our on-board Wi-Fi, and if your laptop or phone runs out of juice there are power sockets aplenty – all in standard class. And if you really need to concentrate you can book a table in a quiet coach.

4. Friendlier to the environment

Want to do your bit for the planet? Trains are more energy efficient than planes and less damaging to the environment as train emissions aren’t released directly into the upper atmosphere. When it comes to planes, trains or automobiles, we've got the lightest footprint.

Don’t believe us? Compare your car journey or flight to our trains with our Carbon Footprint Calculator. It uses things like cups of tea or hours spent watching telly to show you the emissions savings of going by train.

5. No luggage limitations

Most airlines charge a fee just to check in 1 bag if it’s not classed as a carry-on item. On our trains you can bring as many as 3 pieces of luggage on board at no extra cost – from suitcases to rucksacks. Bigger or additional items can go in to the guards’ van. 

What’s more, the overhead storage spaces are roomy, so you don’t have to wait for people taking an age to cram their baggage into a space that doesn’t exist.  

Questions about your luggage

6. No extra cost to choose a seat

Many airlines also charge you for the privilege of booking a seat. When you’re choosing a seat on a train, it’s completely free, whether you want a window to gaze from or a table to work at or the peace of a quiet coach  – we’ve even got you covered if you don’t like travelling backwards.

7. Land slap-bang in the centre of the city

The railways link towns and cities. Built by navvies in the 1800s long before cars, it would have been pointless to have stations miles outside of the places they served. From Liverpool and London to Leeds and York, railway stations are at the heart of the city.

So instead of taking an expensive taxi ride or shuttle bus from miles outside of town, you can step off your train and be right in the thick of the action - just moments from your hotel, historic attractions, music venues or the shops.

8. Great onboard food and drink

Sit back, relax and look out of the window while enjoying some tasty grub. If you’re travelling in Standard, the Foodbar offers good, honest food, made with fresh ingredients. There’s a great selection of food and drink, at the counter or at your seat from the trolley. The sausage rolls are a firm favourite.

If you’ve plumped for First Class, you’ll find a brilliant selection of complimentary meals, snacks and drinks. All served to you at your seat, so there is no need not to chill out. The Mac and Cheese is delicious.

9. Brief Encounters (or a friendly chat)

Railways and romance go hand in hand. From the chaste goodbyes of 1940s movie Brief Encounter and chugging steam trains to the views of the snow-capped Scottish Highlands on the East Coast Main Line. With a long journey before you, why not strike up a conversation? With lush scenery to admire and conversations to be had about each other’s book or magazines there’s plenty to talk about.

and ¾ . Pretend you’re Harry Potter

At King’s Cross station, you can imagine you’re everyone’s favourite boy wizard about to board the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 and ¾ - it’s a solid brick wall though so don’t try to run through it.