8 things you can do on a train that you can’t do in a car

Sure you can belt out your fave road trip songs as loudly and out of tune as you like in a car, but you can’t play Boggle with your dog while enjoying a refreshing cuppa (or G&T) – but you can on a train.

Swap road rage for bonus time. Here are eight reasons travelling by train can't be beaten.

1. Get lost in a good book

Train journeys are proper ‘sit down and relax’ time – you’ve got hours of time to fill with whatever you fancy. You can finally finish that book you started on holiday and haven’t managed to pick up since. Or reread your favourite novel again without feeling guilty that you’re neglecting the washing up. Need an extra incentive to pick up a paperback? Take a look at 6 reasons we read on trains.


2. Feed your box set addiction

There’s nothing better than binge-watching your way through your latest box set addiction. Just remember to keep an eye out for your stop…


3. Become a social media super-user

Dedicate several guilt-free hours on the train to catching up on all things social media. Dive down that Facebook rabbit hole, pad out your Pinterest boards or coo over #dogsofinstagram, safe in the knowledge that there really isn’t anything more productive you should be doing. The best bit? If you’ve booked with us direct on our website, and you’re travelling on one of our trains, you don’t even have to worry about hitting your data limit – you can use our complimentary Wi-Fi instead.


4. Power-up with a power nap

Take that well-deserved nap that you never have time for. Listen to the soothing clack-clack of the train and be rocked into peaceful slumber. We can’t guarantee how you’ll look when you wake up (best to pack a comb), but we do guarantee you’ll feel pumped and raring to go when you arrive.


5. Make the perfect playlist for your weekend plans

Whether you’re having a chilled catch-up at your mate’s place, hitting the town, or getting adventurous in the great outdoors, your weekend needs a playlist. Pump up the excitement by putting some ultimate tunes together and step off the train feeling awesome.


6. Become the next JK Rowling/ Lin-Manuel Miranda/ Ed Sheeran

Channel that creativity – now’s the time to start that novel, pen that play, or write down the song that’s been going round and round in your head for weeks. You never know, it might be the start of something huge.


7. Get a proper view of the sights

Your view won’t be blocked by a massive lorry, or an unfortunately placed road sign. And you won’t be distracted by having to concentrate on the road, because y’know, you’re driving. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights.


8. Take as many breaks as you like

No one really wants to spend time at a service station in Tibshelf. Avoid grotty stop-offs and adding extra time to your journey – the ETA on your train will be the same no matter how much tea you drink. So go on, treat yourself to that second cuppa and a slice of cake… or, as you’re not driving, maybe even a cooling G&T.

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