How much does a train from Edinburgh to London usually cost?

How much does a train from Edinburgh to London usually cost?

Travelling from Edinburgh to London (and London to Edinburgh) can cost as little as £82 with LNER.

The price depends on what time of day you are travelling and when you’re returning. Whether you are heading north or south, you’re guaranteed to find the cheapest train tickets between London and Edinburgh on our website. You’ll never pay a booking fee and our Price Promise means you’ll always find the cheapest ticket here.

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A train ticket can provide a better overall experience than any other form of transport. Taking the train means you have the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey. Quicker than the car (and without the traffic jams) there’s also no queuing at a boarding gate or restrictions on your carry on liquids, as you would have when you’re flying.

See the sights

The regular London to Edinburgh train passes through some of England and Scotland’s most interesting towns and cities. Our East Coast mainline also gives you access to many other places such as Leeds in England or Glasgow in Scotland.

Whether it’s the Roman remains or magnificent York Minster, thriving culture of Newcastle or border castle of Berwick, each stop has its own story to tell. And you’ll also be able to enjoy the rolling countryside as your train speeds along to its ultimate destination.

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