Great places to eat in York

The growing food scene in York is just one of the many reasons to visit.

With traditional tasty treats, world-class world food and street food that will make your mouth water.

Sightseeing is hungry work, so when it's time to refuel we've made it easy to find something tasty.

If you're after something budget friendly or something that's going to blow up your Instagram, we've got you covered. Whatever cuisine you're looking for, it's never far away in York.

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Traditional pubs in York

If you want a traditional pub then head for York where the tradition has been in fashion for thousands of years.

Instagrammable places to eat in York

Are you an insatiable Instagrammer who loves to take pictures of your food? If so, you’re going to love York where there are a multitude of places to chow down and start snapping.

Budget friendly places to eat in York

If you're planning a trip to the glorious city of York, you might like to know a few places where you can fill up on food without emptying your wallet.