Smartcards for Season Tickets

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How do I get a LNER Smartcard?

You can order a new Smartcard from the Smartcard section in My account. If you buy or renew your Season ticket an LNER Travel Centre, they may offer to issue it on an LNER Smartcard.

Is there a charge for a LNER Smartcard?

No. LNER Smartcards are issued free of charge. You only pay for the Season Ticket loaded onto it.

Who can get a LNER Smartcard?

Any adult customer wishing to renew, or purchase for the first time, a Season Ticket.

What products can be loaded onto a LNER Smartcard?

Season Tickets only

Do I still need to carry a Season Ticket Photocard?

Yes, for identification purposes. Season Ticket conditions remain as now.

Can LNER Smartcards be used to travel across London?

No. Currently, LNER Smartcards will not operate the Transport for London (TfL) automatic gates at London Underground, or TfL operated stations.

Can I load other Train Company products onto my LNER Smartcard?

Yes, where these have been made available.

Which services can I use my LNER Smartcard on?

Any service that would normally be available for the season ticket purchased.

Can I transfer my LNER Smartcard?

No, LNER Smartcards can only be used by the named holder.

What do I do if I lose my LNER Smartcard, or if it’s damaged or stolen?

Report it at a LNER Travel Centre or ring our Customer Services Centre on 08457 225 333.

What do I do if my LNER Smartcard stops working?

Speak to a team member at a LNER Travel Centre.

What do I do if I want a refund?

As with current season tickets, visit your LNER Travel Centre.

How can I claim Delay Repay compensation if my service is delayed?

Just pop onto our Delay Repay page on the LNER website to make your claim online. Complete your details and upload an image of your LNER Smartcard number. This can be found on the back of your LNER Smartcard. Easy!

What do I do if my LNER Smartcard doesn’t open the automatic ticket gate?

Speak to the team member at the automated gate or go to the LNER Travel Centre.

What happens when I no longer need my LNER Smartcard?

Retain the LNER Smartcard in case you wish to use it again in the future.

I’m not currently at a station but I want to talk to someone about my LNER Smartcard. How do I get in touch?

Give our friendly Customer Services Centre a ring on 03457 225 333. The phone number is also printed on the back of your LNER Smartcard.

I’ve found a LNER Smartcard. What should I do with it?

If you’re at a station, please hand it in at the LNER Travel Centre, or hand it to any member of the LNER station team.

If you’re not at a station, please post the LNER Smartcard to the address printed on the back.