How do I get my Self-Print ticket?


When you've finished booking, you'll be taken to the final confirmation screen where you can see your Self-Print ticket as a pdf file (you'll need Adobe Reader to view it, which you can download here for free). 

If you select "To print, click here" your ticket will open in a new browser window for you to print straight away. If not, we'll store your ticket in My Account, within My Bookings, for you to print whenever you feel like it. 

When you open the file, make sure that each ticket is printed clearly (no weird smudges or rainbowing please). There should be one for each passenger, and each one has to be printed in portrait format in black ink, on plain white A4 paper. 

If it's printed in a different format, or you don't have the required identification, your ticket won't be valid and you'll have to buy a new one. If you have any problems printing your ticket, speak to our Web Support team on 03457 225 111.