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What stations will this restriction easement be applicable to and from?

The easing of restrictions will apply to all LNER journeys to and from London Kings Cross and Stevenage only. The easement will not apply when customers are travelling between London Kings Cross and Stevenage and between Stevenage and London Kings Cross. 

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Will other routes have similar restriction easements in place?

There are currently no plans to include other routes at this time. 

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Will this easement be applicable on any other days of the week?

The easing of restrictions is only applicable to Friday services as this is a major pinch point in the week for both business and leisure travellers.

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For customers who have booked ahead and avoided peak services, are they able to now transfer their booking to another service?

Customers on a flexible ticket that wish to change their travel plans may do so by requesting a separate reservation here for their desired service.

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