Everything you need to know if you're travelling when we're upgrading our booking journey

We're improving the booking journey on lner.co.uk and on our app on Saturday 19 September from 8pm until 8am on Sunday 20 September. This means you won't be able to search or book tickets, or log on to your LNER account. 

If you are travelling below are the questions and answers to help you from 8pm on Saturday:

Q: I haven't bought a ticket – where can I buy one from? 

A: You will be able to buy a ticket from our station Travel Centres before boarding the train. 

Q: I haven't reserved a seat. How can I make a seat reservation? 

A: If you haven't been able to reserve a seat, please call our Customer Service team on 03457 225 333. Or you can contact our social media team on Twitter. 

Q: I can’t collect my ticket from the station ticket machine as it is offline – what should I do? 

A: Please go to the Travel Centre to collect your tickets. 

Q: What should I do if the Travel Centre is closed? 

A: Please call our Customer Service team on 03457 225 333.

Q: I have an eTicket in my account how do I access it?

A: If you have an eTicket you will be able to use the PDF version that is sent to you on your confirmation email.