What do I do if I already have a seat reservation?

Travelling before 17 June

Your existing reservation remains valid but will no longer be linked to a specific seat number. We're asking you to choose your own seat onboard using our guidance below: 

  • Please choose your own socially distanced seat, please ignore any specific coach and seat numbers as these will not be safely socially distanced until Wednesday 17 June.
  • Sit at a window seat
  • In Standard, leave at least two rows vacant between yourself and other passengers (one row vacant in First Class).
  • Use alternate sides of the train 
  • Avoid facing other passengers 

Travelling on or after 17 June

For tickets dated for travel after Wednesday 17 June please use the coach and seat number shown on your ticket. From this date all designated seat numbers are socially distanced from other passengers.

Please follow the advice from station staff on which door to board, so you can safely follow the one-way system in place when alighting and departing.