How much does it cost to change my ticket?

Advance tickets are not refundable. However, If you bought your tickets on the LNER website or LNER Mobile App, and you are still planning to travel between the same two stations but on a different time or day, you can change your journey through your LNER account on our website. There is an industry-wide £10 admin fee for this. 

Anytime and Off-Peak tickets are always refundable. You can follow the steps in the next section to apply for a refund for these kinds of tickets. An industry-standard £10 admin fee will apply. Refunds for Anytime and Off-Peak tickets can be applied for up to 28 days from when the ticket expires. 

In some circumstances relating to COVID-19, the £10 admin fee can be waived. 

If you're a Season Ticket holder click here to find out how to get a refund.