How do I apply for compensation for my cancelled or delayed journey?

We offer full refunds for our cancelled trains.

To get a refund for a cancelled train if you bought a ticket on lner.co.uk please go to your bookings in your My Account area and follow these steps:

  1. Select View or edit on the ticket that you want to refund
  2. Swipe down the page and tap Amend journey or request a refund button
  3. Tell us the reason for the refund request 'My train was cancelled' and tap Continue
  4. You'll need to complete a few details and then you can tap Yes to submit your request.


Already collected your tickets or had them posted to you?

If you have already collected or been sent your tickets via the post and have not yet submitted a refund request, or your account states that LNER are awaiting tickets, please follow the instructions below and email to: lner.refunds.evidence@fastrailticketing.com

When submitting the image:

  • Please cut your paper ticket in half from top to bottom
  • Take a photograph of the ticket on a plain background with the two pieces of the ticket clearly apart
  • Please ensure the details on both halves of the ticket are readable
  • We only require an image of your actual travel ticket(s) or booking confirmation
  • And any journey information e.g. ‘I was planning to travel from King’s Cross to Newcastle on the 20 May at 10:00am but my train was cancelled”.

Find out more about compensation if your train has been delayed on our Delay Repay page.