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What wheelchair access is available on Azuma?

At LNER we believe that rail travel should be accessible and enjoyable for everyone, which is why we have made Azuma as accessible as our current trains. As always, our Journey Care team are happy to assist you with planning your journey, and you can see the Azuma seating plans here with wheelchair spaces and accessible toilets clearly marked.

Visit the Assisted Travel page for more information.

Will there be more seats on Azuma?

Yes. We'll have more trains - increasing our fleet from 45 to 65 trains. This means more than 100 more seats will be available on our most in-demand routes daily.

How many coaches are on an Azuma?

Depending on the train, destination, and time of journey, there will be between five, nine and 10 coaches.

Seating map

Where can I put my luggage on an Azuma train?

One of the great benefits of these new trains is that the space under your seat and in the luggage racks above your head is much bigger. This means cabin-bag style cases, rucksacks and handbags can be kept close to you while onboard. Find out more about luggage onboard our trains here.

Can I take my pet on an Azuma train?

Yes! There’s no change to our pet policy onboard an Azuma train.

Can I walk through a 10-coach Azuma train?

You won't be able to walk from one end of the train to the other, this is because it is made up of two 5-coach trains. Please make sure you board the coach that you need.

Food onboard: There's a Let's Eat Cafe Bar in coach B and G.

Wheelchair spaces: Accessible spaces can be found in coach E and M. Book Passenger Assist here.

Bike spaces: Bike spaces are in coach K and D, reserve a space here.

First Class: First Class coaches are in M, K & E, D.

Please make sure you board at the correct part of our Azuma train.

Azuma 10-coach train image