Is Alcohol allowed onboard?

Yes, you are allowed to drink alcohol onboard our trains, as long as it’s in moderation. We want you to have a good time but our priority is passenger safety so any antisocial behaviour or breaking any laws or railway by-laws might mean we ask you to leave the train (at a station, of course). We offer a small selection of alcoholic beverages from our food bar, all of which are complimentary for our First Class passengers. 

We may stop service to any person that we decide is intoxicated or impaired.

From time to time, we run certain services as teetotal, 'dry trains'. This means that no alcohol is allowed on board. This normally happens on the advice of British Transport Police when we know a large group will be travelling. Lots of people drinking in a confined space has been known to end in tears, and nobody wants that. 

If a train is going 'dry' we make the decision at least 48 hours before departure. You can find these updates publicised in the departure stations, or on the timetable changes page.