Travelling with a connection or on another train operator

If you have a ticket that says ‘LNER Only’ please travel on an LNER train where possible and only use connecting trains if an LNER train isn't available. 

If you have a ticket that says ‘Connections’, you can use any reasonable train connection to complete the journey with no charge.

For ‘LNER & Connections’ ticket holders travelling between England and Scotland, ScotRail trains are included in this. Flexible* and Season ticket holders may use any operator, irrespective of any pre-booked seat reservations.

LNER, Northern and TPE have agreed ticket acceptance across the week from 21 to 26 June. Where necessary to complete your journey, any tickets marked either ‘Northern Only’ or ‘TPE Only’ are permitted to travel on alternative LNER trains, and any customers using ‘LNER Only’ tickets may travel on alternative Northern & TPE trains.

Any tickets marked ‘Connections’, or variants of the same, where you are booked onto a specific LNER, Northern or TPE service as part of your itinerary, may be used for travel on either train company.

*Flexible tickets are marked ‘Anytime’, ‘Off-Peak’ or ‘Super Off-Peak’.

LNER and CrossCountry have agreed ticket acceptance between Doncaster and Edinburgh from 20 to 27June. If you're travelling between these station, please be aware that our trains will be busy with additional customers to support CrossCountry customers.

There are no CrossCountry or LNER trains running north of Edinburgh on the industrial action dates.

LNER and ScotRail have also agreed ticket acceptance for travel in Scotland from 21 to 26 June. However, note that there are no trains running towards Aberdeen or Inverness on 21, 23 and 25 June. If you're travelling from or towards Glasgow you can use ScotRail trains on these dates where LNER trains are not running, and similarly for stations up to Inverness.

LNER will also accept ‘ScotRail Only’ customers between Edinburgh and Dunbar affected by the temporary ScotRail timetable during this time.

For more information on other operator tickets and trains, you can visit nationalrail.co.uk/industrialaction

Please be aware that ScotRail, Transport for Wales and open access operators (Lumo, Grand Central & Hull Trains) may have different policies in place for ticket acceptance, refunds and exchanges. Please visit the relevant sites for further information.