What can I do if I want to cancel or change my travel plans due to Coronavirus?

We have updated the rules around refunds and changing tickets.

  • Advance tickets are not refundable. However, we understand that sometimes your plans might change. If you want to change your Advance ticket, please contact our Customer Service team or visit a Travel Centre. They'll either refund your current Advance ticket and you'll have to purchase a new Advance ticket, or the price of your original Advance ticket will be deducted, the appropriate amount, from the new Advance ticket. A £10 admin fee will apply.
  • Anytime and Off-Peak tickets are refundable. You can claim a full refund online (choose "other" as your reason and enter 'Covid19' in the text box). A £10 admin fee will apply

Find out more about changing your travel plans on our FAQ page.