Can I request a refund for my Season Ticket?

For a limited time we will be offering refunds on Season Tickets. Any refunds due will be backdated to Tuesday 17 March, or the last day that you travelled on the ticket, whichever is the later.

Information of refunding Rovers or Season Ticket can be found in the internal National Rail website.

To claim for a Season Ticket refund, please email your ticket image to us at customers@lner.co.uk showing:

  • Full name on the season ticket
  • Original Ticket Number of the season ticket
  • Please cut your ticket in half from top to bottom with VOID written across it
  • Take a photograph of the ticket on a plain background with the two pieces of the ticket clearly apart
  • Please ensure the details on both halves of the ticket are readable
  • It is only necessary to send an image of your actual travel ticket(s), we do not need to see your seat reservation or collection receipt
  • Season ticket end date (where applicable)
  • Photocard Number (if a season refund)
  • Station from and station to
  • Class of travel (First or Standard Class)
  • and amount