I bought my ticket online and it has been delivered. How do I claim a refund?

Until further notice, if you have your paper ticket (purchased online from lner.co.uk only) we can process ticket refunds with just an image of your paper ticket. Once you have submitted your refund claim, please follow the instructions below and email your ticket image to us at lner.refunds.evidence@fastrailticketing.com.

  • Submit a refund via your online account (choose "other" as your reason and enter 'Covid19' in the text box)
  • Please cut your paper ticket in half from top to bottom
  • Take a photograph of the ticket on a plain background with the two pieces of the ticket clearly apart
  • Please ensure the details on both halves of the ticket are readable
  • It is only necessary to send an image of your actual travel ticket(s), we do not need to see your seat reservation or collection receipt coupons