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About the new Azuma trains

What is an Azuma train?

When is Azuma coming to my station?

What’s different about an Azuma train?

How fast does an Azuma go?

About our 10-coach Azuma train

Onboard an Azuma

What wheelchair access is available on Azuma?

Will there be more seats on Azuma?

How many coaches are on an Azuma?

Where can I put my luggage on an Azuma train?

Can I take my pet on an Azuma train?

Can I walk through a 10-coach Azuma train?

Accessibility on Azuma

How many wheelchair spaces does an Azuma train have?

Are there wheelchair spaces in First Class?

What happens if my train has no Standard wheelchair spaces?

Are there companion seats with all the wheelchair spaces onboard?

Are there priority seats on Azuma?

Are boarding ramps required for Azuma trains?

Do the new Azuma trains have announcements onboard?

What will the seat reservations look like onboard an Azuma train?

Are there accessible toilets onboard?

Do the windows have blinds on an Azuma?

Do the wheelchair spaces have plug sockets on an Azuma train?

Bikes on Azuma

What bike storage is there on an Azuma train?

Wi-Fi on Azuma

What will the Wi-Fi be like on Azuma?

Reserving a seat on Azuma

Can I reserve a seat on an Azuma train?