About the new Azuma trains

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What is an Azuma train?

Our new Azuma trains are being rolled out throughout 2019 across the East Coast mainline. Built using Japanese bullet train technology, they deliver smoother, quieter journeys and better value journeys.

This is part of the biggest revolution that the East Coast mainline has seen for more than thirty years. Find out more about Azuma here.

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When is Azuma coming to my station?

Our plan is to replace our current fleet of trains entirely within two years. We’ll be confirming the roll-out dates for stations along our route over the course of 2020. Find out when Azuma will arrive at your station here.

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What’s different about an Azuma train?

On an Azuma train working and relaxing will be easier all round with faster Wi-Fi, power sockets at every seat, and more space for legs, luggage and laptops for everyone.

Take a look inside the new Azuma trains.

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How fast does an Azuma go?

Azuma will travel at speeds of up to 125mph. Journey times will be faster because Azuma accelerates out of stations quicker than our current fleet!

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About our 10-coach Azuma train

You won't be able to walk from one end of the train to the other, this is because it is made up of two 5-coach trains. 

Food and drink onboard: There's a Let's Eat Cafe Bar in coach B and G.

Wheelchair spaces: Accessible spaces can be found in coach E and M. Book assistance here.

Bike spaces: Bike spaces are in coach K and D, reserve a space here.

First Class: First Class coaches are in M, K & E, D.

Please make sure you board at the correct part of our Azuma 10-coach train.

Azuma 10-coach train image

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