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I no longer wish to travel. How do I apply for a refund?

Who is eligible for One-click Delay Repay?

How do I view my One-click Delay Repay compensation?

What is One-click delay repay?

Can you get Delay Repay on a Flexi Season ticket?

How can I claim Delay Repay compensation if my service is delayed?

Will I be eligible for Delay Repay on my Smart Save ticket?

My journey was refunded through your Delay Repay scheme, will I still get my credit?

What do I do if I need help with my One-click Delay Repay compensation?

Am I entitled to compensation if compensation schemes in the LNER Passenger Charter, such as Delay Repay, don't apply?

What do I do if my One-click Delay Repay compensation payment fails?

If I book an LNER ticket through another train operator or through a retailer, can I still claim Delay Repay?

I bought two tickets for the same journey for myself and another person and I am entitled to Delay Repay. Do I need to fill the form in twice?

How can I donate my compensation to LNER charity partner CALM using One-click Delay Repay?

My train was delayed, can I get a refund?

I'm a season ticket holder, when can I claim compensation for delays to LNER trains?

What compensation am I entitled to?

If I have a fixed ticket for a specific train which is then delayed by more than 30 mins can I use my ticket on another train to get to my destination on time?

How do I apply for compensation for my cancelled or delayed journey?

What happens if disruption affects my travel plans?