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I have an open Return ticket, do I need to reserve a seat with LNER?

I was planning to be in London but no longer wish to travel. Can I change my ticket or get a refund?

I can buy your tickets on other sites. Why can't I buy them on yours?

Can I choose to get my train tickets posted to me through the LNER app?

When can I use an Advance ticket?

What is happening to the range of tickets between London and the cities in this trial?

Are there baby-changing facilities at the station?

When will your Advance tickets be on sale?

For customers who have booked ahead and avoided peak services, are they able to now transfer their booking to another service?

What happens if I choose not to travel because of Coronavirus?

Will I have to pay more?

What should I do if I book a Flexible ticket and then an Advance fare becomes available?

Can I come back on an earlier train?

Will the ticket gates retain my ticket?

Are train tickets recyclable?

What are Advance tickets?

How are refunds calculated?

Will my Season Ticket work with the ticket gates?

What is a Flexible ticket?