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Claim for a cancelled train

Let us say sorry with a snappy refund

It’s never nice being let down. So if your train was cancelled, we’ll get you your money back as quickly as possible. How you claim depends on what kind of ticket you bought, and where you bought it.

If you already have your tickets

If you have Advance tickets that you bought on this site, then you need to send them back to us. So print out and complete our refund form, then post it to us along with your tickets here:

LNER Refunds
PO BOX 1259
RH10 0JR

If you bought your tickets somewhere else

If you bought your ticket at a station or outlet, or somewhere else online, you’ll need to make your claim through them. You can get things started by printing our refund form. Then once you’ve filled it in, send it to the place where you made the purchase, along with your ticket.

Don’t forget: you’ll need to do it within 28 days of the ticket’s expiry date.

If you haven't collected your tickets from a station ticket machine yet

If you booked a ticket online with us (such as Peak, Off-Peak or Anytime), you can apply for a refund online too.

1. Sign In to My Account
2. Click My Bookings
3. Click View against the ticket you want refunded
4. Click Refund 
5. Tell us the reason you want a refund – pick Service Disruptions and Cancellations so that we don’t accidentally charge you a £10 refund fee 
6. Click Submit request
7. All done. Your refund should appear in your account in about 7-10 days