Our partnership with CALM

We launched our partnership with Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) in October 2018. CALM is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK and the cause of 18 deaths every day.


Look after your mental wellbeing

If things are getting on top of you, take a look at these tips for finding a bit of headspace...

Show someone some love

It's easy to feel alone right now, make sure you stay connected to the people around you. Reach out to someone for that much needed virtual cuppa. 

Take a break from the news

Switch off from the news every now and then. CALM's COVID Blocker can help you feel a little more in control of the news you're consuming and enjoy that moment of calm. 

Mindful moments

Getting creative can help relax the mind, though creativity doesn't just mean picking up a paintbrush. Try baking, gaming, dancing or playing an instrument. You can find more inspiration on the CALM website.

Stretch your legs 

Walking can help improve mental wellbeing. Relax your mind and get out for that much needed stroll.

Now more than ever it’s important to look after your mental wellbeing, check out the CALM ambassadors top tips to help you navigate these difficult times.



Suicide on the railway has a devastating and far reaching impact on our people, customers and communities. We proudly support CALM and their mission to spread awareness of suicide and reduce the social stigma around mental health. On average CALM directly prevent 50 suicides a month and with our and your continued support, they can reach even more people in crisis.  

How do we support CALM?

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem each year in the UK. Through our partnership with CALM we aim to de-stigmatise mental health and take a stand against suicide, encouraging vulnerable people to seek support. So far, more than 100 of the LNER team have successfully completed training provided by CALM.

Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM said:

"We have been bowled over by the generosity, hard work, and dedication from LNER staff and their brilliant customers. Together, you have raised essential funds and awareness of CALM's work up and down the country and in doing so have literally saved lives. Right now, more people than ever need CALM, and thanks to our partnership we’ve been able help more people than ever - providing free, anonymous and confidential support through our campaigns and helpline, and together, leading a Movement Against Suicide. "

You are now able to support CALM by donating your Delay Repay compensation. Just £8 pays for a call that could turn someone’s life around.

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