Monthly Season Tickets

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The advantages

If you're travelling frequently over the month then a Season Ticket could save you money overall

  • A Season Ticket is a flexible ticket that allows you to make as many journeys as you like between two stations
  • You can use your Season Ticket on the weekends too
  • You can travel at any time of the day until your ticket expires but you will need to make a free seat reservation when you travel with us. This can be done easily online or in the station travel centres
  • You can find the full Season ticket terms and conditions here.

Search for a monthly season ticket by selecting the Monthly options and choose your two stations to view the prices.

Season ticket FAQs

How do I request a refund for my Season Ticket?

How do I calculate my Season Ticket refund?

I'm a season ticket holder, when can I claim compensation for delays to LNER trains?

Will my Season Ticket work with the ticket gates?

My ticket is damaged and won’t go through the ticket gate?

Monthly Season Ticket


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