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The advantages

If you're travelling frequently over the month then a Season Ticket could save you money overall

  • A Season Ticket is a flexible ticket that allows you to make as many journeys as you like between two stations
  • You can use your Season Ticket on the weekends too
  • You can travel at any time of the day until your ticket expires but you will need to make a free seat reservation when you travel with us. This can be done easily online or in the station travel centres
  • You can find the full Season ticket terms and conditions here.

Search for a monthly season ticket by selecting the Monthly options and choose your two stations to view the prices.

Earn credit from your Season ticket with LNER Perks

Our brand new loyalty scheme, LNER Perks, gives you 2% credit back with your Season ticket when you travel between qualifying starting and destination stations. Sign up to LNER Perks and start building credit that can be used on other LNER journeys, or you can choose to donate it to one of our charity partners. Plus, if you sign up now, you'll get £5 free to spend straight away when you book on our App.

Join LNER Perks

Can I join LNER Perks and earn credit on my Season Ticket?

Yes, you can benefit from LNER Perks if you’re a Season Ticket holder, based on the following:

1. Season Tickets must be purchased through (desktop website and mobile website) or the LNER mobile app

2. The Season Tickets meets the following qualifying criteria: 

  • The Season Ticket is a weekly, monthly or annual ticket
  • The journey covered by the Season Ticket is made between qualifying starting and destination stations and is ‘Route: Any Permitted’ . See the eligible routes here
  • The Season Ticket is a full price adult ticket (excludes Child tickets)

For monthly and annual Season Tickets, earned credit will be apportioned on a monthly basis, see how we do this here

Season ticket FAQs

I'm a season ticket holder, when can I claim compensation for delays to LNER trains?

If you travel on a LNER service that's late by 30 minutes or more, we'll give you compensation.

Season tickets refunds are calculated on the difference between the price you paid and the cost of a ticket for the time you actually used it. This means the amount of compensation for each journey is:

  • for a weekly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 10
  • for a monthly Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 40
  • for an annual Season Ticket, the price of the ticket divided by 464 


Find more information on the Delay Repay page.

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Will my Season Ticket work with the ticket gates?

Yes, but it'll have to be out of the wallet so you can pop it in the gate. If your Season Ticket gets damaged, just ask for a replacement at the Travel Centre you bought it from.

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My Season Ticket is damaged and won’t go through the ticket gate?

If your ticket is damaged and won't let you through the gate, take the opportunity to replace it with a Smartcard. The durable plastic lasts longer than paper tickets and Season tickets can be added online or at a Travel centre.

Ask at the Travel centre and they'll be able to help you.

If you're in a hurry and your Season ticket is still legible, speak to a member of staff and they'll be able to open the gate for you.

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Can I buy a weekly rail ticket?

Yes. We offer a seven day, monthly and annual Season Ticket. If you're a regular traveller or plan on making a specific journey multiple times over a specific period, you could save money compared to buying individual tickets. Find out more on our Season Ticket page. 

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Can I pay for my annual Season Ticket in instalments?

Unfortunately you cannot pay for your Season Ticket in instalments.

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Can I buy a car park season ticket?

Yes, you can buy a car park season ticket at a few places:

  • At the Travel Centres in Newcastle, Wakefield, Dunbar & York
  • Buy a one-week ticket (one entry and one exit) at the car park ticket machine
  • Online before you park,

They are available for 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and 12 months, depending on the length of your Season Ticket.

We operate car parks at the following stations:

  1. Peterborough
  2. Grantham
  3. Newark North Gate
  4. Retford
  5. Doncaster
  6. Wakefield Westgate
  7. York
  8. Darlington
  9. Durham
  10. Newcastle
  11. Dunbar

Non-LNER operated stations may also have car parks where season tickets may be available. Check the availability of car park season tickets at other stations.

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Can I get discount on a Season Ticket with a Railcard?

Railcard discounts are not available on Season Tickets, as these tickets are already heavily discounted.

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Can I upgrade to First Class?

Yes, but in most cases it must be done at the booking office beforehand. You will be charged the difference between the First and Standard Day ticket prices.

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