Business Loyalty

Get rewards for business travel

Our new loyalty scheme is open for business travellers like you to save even more on your travel.

Every time you take an LNER journey, claim 2% back, even if the ticket was booked through your company. Plus, download the LNER App and join LNER Perks today and get £5 free to spend on any future LNER journey.

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It's free and you'll get:

How to join LNER Perks

Join our new loyalty scheme, LNER Perks in just three easy steps

  1. For the best experience, download or open the LNER app 
  2. Sign in or create an account
  3. Tap to join LNER Perks 

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You can also join LNER Perks in your Account to get £5 to spend in the LNER app and start collecting 2% credit on LNER journeys.


How to spend your credit

Once you've joined LNER Perks, you can spend your £5 joining bonus right away (or save it for a rainy day).

Plus, each time you travel with LNER for work, you can claim your 2% credit.

As you build credit, you can choose how and when you spend it. Use your credit to get money off your leisure LNER train journeys or you can even gift it as an eVoucher to a family member or friend.

You can spend your credit on any LNER journey from the LNER mobile app. You can pay for part of a journey or save it up until you can pay for a full ticket. It's your credit and the choice is yours.

Booked elsewhere?

Earn 2% back, even if you booked your ticket through a third party.

If you didn't book direct with us this time or your company has booked your tickets on your behalf, don't worry you can still benefit from LNER Perks.

You can add your tickets through the LNER mobile app by scanning your ticket's QR code, inputting your collection reference or uploading your eTicket.

For every LNER journey you add through the LNER mobile app, you'll earn 2% credit for LNER journeys. Plus, get £5 free credit to use whenever you want when you sign up for LNER Perks.

How to earn credit if you booked elsewhere

Earn credit for LNER journeys in four easy steps:

  1. Download the LNER app 
  2. Sign in or create an account
  3. Tap to join LNER Perks 
  4. Upload your tickets from the last 7 days to earn 2% credit for your LNER journeys.

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A note on your privacy

By joining LNER Perks, you agree to receiving loyalty communications and you accept the Terms & Conditions and the updated Privacy Policy.