Travel Agents refunds

Our refund process is slightly different for Travel Agents. So if you need to apply for a refund, here’s what you should do.

Applying for a Travel Agents refund

Travel Agents using thetrainline systems have separate arrangements through thetrainline, so you’ll need to contact them directly for refund details.

Refund applications from ATOC licensed Travel Agents are processed through the Travel Agent Refund Service (TARS).

You’ll find full details, including refund forms and contact details for TARS, here:

ATOC Travel Agents Help Desk
Tel 08701 222 456

Please note, not all ticket types are refundable, e.g. Advance tickets. If you’re not sure whether a ticket is refundable or not, you can contact either LNER directly or ATOC.

For automated settlement enquiries, including how to account for Rail Travel Vouchers, please speak to someone in our Automated Settlement Service team:

Automated Settlement Service User Support
Tel: 0121 335 7789