Together, this is our LNER

This is the start of our journey and we're excited to be a part of millions of yours

In June 2018, LNER took the reins of the iconic east coast mainline running between London and Scotland. But who are we? 

We are a train-driving, holiday-making, football-dreaming, presentation-tweaking, day-exploring bunch. This line means something to each and every one of us. And we’re always looking to improve what we do.

That’s why we’re introducing our new Azuma trains, which will mean more seats, more leg room, faster Wi-Fi and more reliable journeys.

Together, this is our LNER. Our Leeds. Our London. Our Newcastle. And our Edinburgh. It’s the start of overdue catch-ups, visits to Auntie Jean and university open days. We’re all about the people and places up and down the line, so why not join us and start your journey?

You’d much prefer to travel at 125MPH and see meadows, dales and castles, rather than traffic jams, road works and service stations, right?

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