Governance and policy

It's important to us that we're accountable for our performance as a Responsible Business and this extends to the highest level in the business.

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Our Responsible Business approach is embedded in the heart of our business principles and has been integrated into LNER five year business plan. This is underpinned by various business policies:

  • Responsible Business Policy
  • Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Health and Wellbeing Policy
  • Procurement Policy
  • Making Rail Accessible Policy
  • Volunteering Policy
  • Charitable Giving Policy

We'll be sharing more information about these policies in the future.


The vision that we have set out is to be the most loved, progressive and responsible way to travel, for generations to come. We can't do that without proper governance. That is why we have three workgroups that hold us to account and ensure we're living up to our values.

Our LNER Responsible Business Steering Group

Consists of an LNER Executive Board sponsor and key stakeholders from across our business. This group creates and manages the strategic framework and delivery plan that encompasses the business's Responsible Business activities and support departments in integrating the Responsible Business approach into our business as usual plans.

Our LNER Responsible Business Working Group

A larger group chaired by the Exec sponsor, including representatives from the wider parts of the business. They are also the key liaisons for ensuring our external partners and suppliers are aligned to the same Responsible Business ethos as LNER.

Our LNER Executive Board

These most senior members of our business approve our Responsible Business strategy and plan and hold the Steering Group to account in terms of progress. They also oversee the external Responsible Business report.

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